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How to go further non-woven bag

The current improvement in the environment, related to the future state of development and livelihood issues. Increasingly prominent warning of the grim situation we do not solve environmental problems, difficult to sustain national development and people's livelihood can not be guaranteed.

Current national second Five-Year Plan, the environmental management as a key project. Plastic Mita think that this is our opportunity for the development of environmental protection, with the green bag, woven bags, canvas bags, paper bags and a series of products have been adopted by the consumer credit, environmental protection products in the lives of weight increased daily.

Plastic Mita that the country's environmental protection department for environmental protection should also be given help, such as the implementation of decisions, subsidies to enterprises, and so on. Only fully functional departments and the enthusiasm of enterprises on the one hand the law on the one hand technology, and walk two steps to the future development of the road to go further.

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