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Non-woven fabric environmental protection industry has taken

"Twelve Five Year Plan", said: promoting the "two types of" social construction, and promote green prosperity. Vigorously promote clean energy, environmental protection and other low-carbon industries and promote low-carbon technology industry. "Five" the first year, non-woven products as environmentally friendly usher in the market boom.

China's non-woven technology began in the 1980s, rapid development, the annual average growth rate of 28%, China's textile industry has become the new industry, widely applied to the filtration, medical, sanitation, health, industry, agriculture, civil engineering and water conservancy, building, home decoration and all areas of life. Data show that from January to November 2010, realized main business income of non-woven industry 54.6 billion yuan, an increase of 30.2%, the growth rate of 12.5% ​​compared with 2009 increased by nearly 18 percentage points; total profit of 2.8 billion, up 56.6%, sales profit rate of 5.1% over the previous year increased by 0.2 percentage points higher than the textile industry average of 0.4 percentage points.

As people's environmental awareness, a variety of end products will use environmentally friendly products as raw materials, and woven just have this advantage. 2011, non-woven industry will become an important industry, high-growth momentum is expected to continue. Now, non-woven technology matures, the market has become increasingly standardized, the original non-woven products exported to foreign countries is most preferred vendors, but now, the domestic market demand for non-woven products significantly improve, expand domestic supply as more companies to consider.

3G, the non-woven industry's first non-woven two-way communication platform for Chinese portal ( become the focus of attention.

It is understood that the portal was started in November 2009, the first based on the development of domestic service providers China Mobile Shangxun gateway to the wireless network industry alliance, which total to net ( technical support, not only 15 days to complete a basic web site building; as of July 2010, online membership exceeded 1000, a large number of non-woven professional user experience is good.

According to the China Non-woven portal director general said the official, "In fact, many industries are in the rise of the platform, we are discussing what kind of platform to get users of all ages, we chose the vertical segments search mode, it can be said the mobile Internet field, non-woven fabrics have no professional Shangxun service platform, while China has 800 million mobile phone users, the benefits of this market can not be ignored. channels before we do, it is product information and user groups to worry that China is no Textile fabrics portal not only convenient for consumers to better understand the business's products, but also the mutual understanding between enterprises and cooperative ties. "

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