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PTA or the overall market to pick up the external shock stabi

27 PTA futures in Zhengzhou signs of weakness, the major 1201 contract closed at 8884 yuan / ton, down 106. European market rumors or early release mechanism for European stability, the international crude oil picked up some support for the PTA. However, the focus of polyester chips market continues down, waiting to see strong emotions inside, Zhejiang Polyester weak sales. Technically, PTA mark in 9000 under the order, short-term counter, on the 5th line pressure. Crude oil rose sharply overnight, European stocks closed higher overall, the recent PTA is expected to remain concussion.

     New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures ended sharply higher 27, the euro zone debt crisis because the market expected the final solution is expected to make progress, and a weaker dollar. NYMEX 11 Light, sweet crude settled up $ 4.21 to $ 84.45 a barrel, or 5.3%. ICE 11 Brent crude futures contract settled up $ 3.20 to $ 107.14 a barrel, or 3.1%.

PX in Asia fell 21 to $ 1628-1629 USD / ton FOB Korea, Europe down 21 to U.S. $ 1555-1559 U.S. dollars / ton FOB Rotterdam, down $ 20 to $ 1600-1605 U.S. dollars / ton FOB U.S. Gulf. Spot Price: PTA East market buying intentions 9,500 yuan / ton, the offer of not less than 9600 yuan / ton. PTA production capacity in Asia Taiwan dollar offer 1235-1240, 1200-1210 dollars buying intentions, and discuss the valuation of 1220-1225 U.S. dollars / ton CFRL/C90 day, the lack of buying market. South Korea to discuss production estimate 1205-1210 U.S. dollars / ton CFRL/C90 days.

Installations, petrochemical Yi Sheng intention listing price in October the introduction of PTA Executive 10,800 yuan / ton, compared with September contract settlement price by 50 yuan / ton. Xiang Lu Petrochemical PTA intention listing price in October issued tentative implementation 10,600 yuan / ton, compared with September contracts settlement prices of 150 yuan / ton. Sinopec intention of listing price in October PTA introduction, implementation intention 10,300 yuan / ton.

Downstream market, polyester plant in Jiangsu and Zhejiang mainstream marketing in general, the majority of 6-7, 8-9 as a few slightly better, better able to do reluctantly individual level, some lower 4-5 percent. Zhejiang Polyester offer flat to down slightly lower or moderate local price concessions. Early spinning Diduan offer some temporary stability, lower part of the factory price of $ 50-100, decreased slow. Domestic shocks slightly weaker commodity futures, market sentiment remains cautious, less procurement action.

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